Friday, June 19, 2015

Why is cleavage so sexy?!

What is so sexy about cleavage?  Is it the fact that you are just getting a peek at her creamy mounds?  Is it knowing that just a bit out of view are rosy nipples and tan areolas? 

I'm not going to lie, I am a woman that has used my cleavage to my advantage ever since I realized the power of breasts!  If I was going to the club dancing, if I was going on a first date, if I was going on a 3rd date...the cleavage never let me down.  It drew men in closer, made them hold me tighter, and stare a little longer.

Cleavage is nothing to be ashamed of, embrace your sexuality and femininity....enjoy being a woman!  I know there are women that prefer the modesty of covering up their cleavage, and that is a personal choice that I can respect.  However, I have never been a woman that felt that was necessary. 

I think showing some cleavage is no different than showing off your legs in a mini skirt.  There was a time when just showing our ankles was considered risqué, but that time is well past.  The female body is beautiful with all of it's curves, and softness...and it is in direct contrast to the angles and hardness of men.  No wonder they are fascinated with our cleavage, and with us!! 

Part of the mesmerizing appeal of cleavage is the fact that it's a body part that is both utilitarian and sexual.  Breasts have a purpose, to feed babies...however, they are also a sexual erogenous zone that brings pleasure to both partners.  Allowing a man to suckle your nipples can be incredibly intimate, bonding and very arousing.  It's really no wonder a hint of cleavage can stop a man in  his tracks!

So, buy that push up bra, or that V-neck blouse...don't be afraid to show a little cleavage and let yourself enjoy the appreciative glances.  You are a woman, and your breasts don't define you, but they sure do add to your allure!
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Just thrust...

I saw a couple videos and it hit me...I love how sexy as man is as he thrusts!  His muscles in motion, his rhythm, his just overwhelming MALENESS.  It's very sexy!  I think as women, we don't often get the full visual of what's going on..on top, or behind us...well, I'm here to give you a sneak peek!  This is why mirrors in the bedroom were invented, to get the best view of horny sweaty bodies, doing what they do best..FUCKING!

When a man is thrusting inside his partner, it's such an intimate dance...his thrusts meet hers, his momentum will speed up and slow down as he responds to his level of excitement.  It's a give and take, a push and pull that is incredible pleasurable! 

I think we don't often concentrate enough on the sawing motion of his cock going back and forth inside us...tonight, I want you to both just close your eyes and feel the motion, feel the fullness and emptiness as he pushes in and pulls out.  Feel her lips gripping you, the depth of her pussy, the warm wetness inside compared to the coolness of the air when you pull back.  Take a few minutes and really FEEL the most intimate act of lovemaking, taking someone else inside you, and putting yourself inside someone else.  You just might find that you orgasm, just from the intensity of it...and if not, you'll have a whole new appreciation for just the thrust!

Pinned and drilled, just the way you like it

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spread it open!

Ok, I'll admit..this post started out with me seeing a very hot gif and that got my mind thinking and my clit buzzing!

There is nothing sexier than when a man spreads my pussy lips apart....he is literally opening me up to his eyes, mouth, fingers and cock.  Until that moment when he pulls my lips apart, everything is hard clit, my wetness, my opening.  Once he spreads me open, there is no more hiding, everything is on full display.

Maybe it's just me, but I love it when my partner looks at my pussy...stares at it.  It is such an intimate part of my body that I'm sharing with him, and to see him looking at it in so incredibly hot!  Plus, I don't care if you are thick or thin, your pussy is always plump, juicy and sexy!!

Personally, opening my legs for my partner is one of the parts of sex that I most anticipate.  That moment when I am giving him full access....offering him my pussy to do with as he wants.  My legs spread open and I put myself on display for his eyes, his cock, or his mouth.  It's a very submissive, but loving position for a woman to allow herself to be opened up in such a way and to have her slit be the center of focus.  As women, we often feel that our bodies aren't good enough, but it's very rare for a woman to think her pussy isn't good's probably the one part on our body that we don't have to be self conscious about!  Big clit or small, puffy long lips or tight thin ones...big labia or small, it's all good when our lover is looking at it!

So, the next time you are with your lover....spread your legs and let him open you up...let him look all he wants and I bet that you will both find your pussy is not only the center of physical pleasure, but also visual pleasure as well!

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Take it all!

There is something so sexy about a man going balls deep as he plows into a wet pussy! Knowing that he's as deep as he can get inside her tunnel...he may even be hitting bottom! When it comes to sex, there is a point when both parties want it to go DEEP! When thrusts become harder, and her pussy stretches to accommodate the full penetration.
Now, I'm not saying to bang away on her cervix from the start...but towards the end, when both partners are into the moment and seconds away from cumming, sometimes a little bump against it proves to both of you that you've reached the limit inside of her! This is often enough to send you both over the edge!

There are times that a woman will look at a cock and think that there is just no way she can take it all.  Her pussy might be too tight or short for his width or length.  However, with time and patience most cocks can be comfortably accommodated in a wet pussy...during sex her tunnel will actually lengthen to take more of him than what was possible at the beginning of sex. Sometimes that's all he needs to get that last inch inside!

Now guys, let me be the first to say, getting in her balls deep is awesome...however, it can be painful to have our cervix bumped.  So, make sure your woman isn't cringing in pain rather than writhing in ecstasy!!  The best way to know that is to look at her face, listen to her moans, or just ask if she likes it! 

I will say there has been a few times that I haven't been able to take all of a cock, no matter how much I tried...or how hard he thrust.  My pussy was at it's maximum capacity and we both had to adjust.  The best way to do that is to let her get on top!  That way she can control the depth of penetration, this is especially helpful if she doesn't like your cock head bumping her cervix.

However, if you really want to take all of it...the best time to do it is during fuck session #2.  He won't be quite as hard as the first time, and that might allow him to get further inside.  Also, make sure to have lots and LOTS of lube...things slide better, and go deeper when the tunnel is nice and slippery!  Ladies, don't be afraid to use lube, and guys don't think because she is reaching for the lube that she isn't turned on, or wet.  Just think of the old saying "wetter is better!".  Let her ride, and don't force it in...let her slowly work herself down on it until she's taking it all...or as much as is comfortable!

Going all the way in, can be sexy and hot...however, even if there is an inch or more that just won't fit...enjoy the sensation, the feeling and know that sometimes Cock A doesn't fit perfectly in Slit B and that's okay!!

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Missionary is NOT vanilla!

I personally love missionary position, it's my favorite!  Some people say it's boring or vanilla...I say, you're doing it wrong!  Missionary is a position that can be sensual, dominant, intense, sexy, and fun!  To prove my point, I'm going to post several of the hottest missionary gifs I can find, I bet I can convince you that missionary sex is anything BUT boring! ;)

I really like this one, you can tell he's going deep from the look on her face and how he's got her legs pushed back!  Yeah...give me some of that!!
This one is a little wilder, a little rougher!

Just a slight change of angle and suddenly, it's hitting all the right spots! 

I don't think she's bored, looks like to me she's enjoying getting it fast and deep!

Sometimes hard, fast and deep is the only way Honey wants it!
I love the intensity in this one, he is totally focused on thrusting and she just wants more!

If you say you don't want to try this...I won't believe you! ;)

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Friday, October 3, 2014

The art of the tease!

A touch that is ALMOST in the right spot.  A promise of a hard kiss that turns into a whisper.  A bite that is just a nibble.  The art of the tease is something that after a while we forget about, but if you want to add spice, and desire back into your is something you want to remember!

When you tease your partner, you build anticipation.  You get all their hormones working overtime, you get her pussy wet and his cock hard, because teasing doesn't follow the "norm", it goes against what we are expecting.  That unknown element is what makes it so damn hot!  Each time his fingers touch your pussy lips, your anticipating his finger finding your clit...when he pulls away instead, your entire body is electrified, waiting, hoping he'll change his mind and touch you like you want, like you need. 

When you lick his balls and kiss his inner thighs instead of going straight to a blow job, you are building anticipation.  His cock is throbbing, waiting for your wet mouth to swallow it up.  As you lick up his shaft, he's already imagining his cock fucking your mouth. 

Building anticipation is one of the sexiest things you can do for your partner.  It's easy to just dive right in, to do what we know they like...and that's fine, but sometimes holding off, waiting, teasing, will bring out the passions, lust and desire that you might have thought was lost. 

So, the next time you have sex, build anticipation, and when you finally give them what you both need, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how much you enjoy the art of the tease!

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Friday, August 8, 2014


So, what is an impregnation fetish?  Is it just for men or just for women?  This is one that can go both ways..the fetish can be his...the thought of giving her his seed, or hers..the thought of accepting his seed.

So, what is it about a bare cock, and an unprotected pussy that gets people so turned on?  Is it the risk?  Is it the domination/submission aspect?  Is it something else?  Honestly, I think it's a little bit of all 3.  I think there is something taboo about fucking without a condom in our society.  We've been inundated with information that condom use is vital in decreasing the transmission of HIV/STDs and this is TRUE.  However, for some...the emotional pull of spreading or accepting seed is so strong that the risk gets pushed to the side.

There are different types of impregnation fantasies.  There is the forcible impregnation, where she wants him to use a condom or to pull out and that doesn't happen, and she is impregnated against her will. (This can happen to the guy too, when she's riding and won't stop and ends up taking his seed from him.) This one often plays into "rape" fantasies. 

There is the coercion impregnation where it  happens without a partner's knowledge...she doesn't realize the condom broke, but he does and keeps on fucking her is one example.  Or she might scoop his cum up from her stomach and push it into her pussy when he's not watching. 

There is the mutual desire impregnation fantasy where they both want it, each eager for the resulting pregnancy.  This is one fantasy that may actually turn into reality if the couple decides they both want the same result, for her to have a pregnant belly.

So, this is one of those fantasies that can take a lot of different avenues. Now, I will say that the first two versions are best left to role playing or in fantasy, because an unwanted pregnancy isn't a good thing for either partner.  However, it can be a very bonding moment when both partners agree that they want to get pregnant...suddenly, sex takes on a very different meaning, and it can be a very intense time.

If you have a partner that is willing to role play and enjoy your impregnation fantasy, then go ahead and indulge in all the cream pies she can take! 
Just remember before you take off that (health) first, and don't make decisions in the heat of the moment, because sometimes all it takes is one last thrust to turn a fantasy into a reality and then you'll have a big problem when the afterglow wears off!

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"Come on baby, do it…shoot your hot load in me…I can tell you want to…you’re so hard right now…ready to burst…you know I’m not taking anything, you could knock me up sooo easy right now…come on, do it…let’s risk it…cum in me…shove it in deep and shoot every drop all the way inside…"

Every girl I am with should say this.


Seeding you.

this is perfect.
love seeing the cum, but he needs to be balls deep when he pumps his seed into her. best feeling in the world feeling her pussy contract around your cum-blasting cock.

I’d awakened that morning to the sounds of soft whimpers and sticky fingers slathered and smeared. Looking over my shoulder, I noticed the beauty I had picked up the previous night was pleasuring herself while attempting to hush her heated moans and delight.
I turned on my back and looked at her; when she caught my gaze, she didn’t stop. There was a penetrating moment between the both of us and as she persisted fingering those pedals, looking at me with those shuddering brows and wedged gasps, my cock grew instantly thick and long.
Then her eyes dropped. They caught what she had wanted - a long, unyielding fuck rod which her body ached for. She stopped her own self pleasures to grab my shaft and slowly began to stroke it. 
It was my turn to make the faces, my turn to hold back the gasping sighs. 
It didn’t take long for me to crave her body, to be inside her and take what I wanted. I shifted around and got to my knees behind her open legs. She grabbed my cock and placed the tip between her pink lips, attempting to push it in.
"Wait," I stopped her. She looked at me.
"I have to get a condom."
She didn’t answer me. She just looked at me with pleading eyes and a griping pout, as if to say fuck me. She continued pushing in my cock until I easily slipped inside. The gasp caught her throat, her eyes rolled back.
I lowered and pressed against her body, ravaging her snug snatch at a steady pace; I was enjoying the moment she allowed me to share in with no barriers to get in the way; it was full natural sex the way it was meant to be. I was going to enjoy it for as long as my body allowed me to.
“Don’t pull out,” she whispered. “Cum inside me!”
Hearing those words prompted something in me I didn’t know existed. Within moments, I was an animal. She was so smooth and warm; that unembellished feeling took over me completely.
My thrusts harder, my pumps deeper, and as the power-driven sense of paradise struck me over, that groan that escaped me, I was drizzling my balls deep inside her unprotected cunt. Rope after thick rope, my cock drained into this woman, dominating and making her a product of my seed to inseminate. I didn’t know this girl, and a part of me didn’t care. It was the most enjoyable moment I’ve had in a long time.
My actions will definitely have its consequence, and I look forward to seeing the result of my careless desires.