Friday, June 19, 2015

Just thrust...

I saw a couple videos and it hit me...I love how sexy as man is as he thrusts!  His muscles in motion, his rhythm, his just overwhelming MALENESS.  It's very sexy!  I think as women, we don't often get the full visual of what's going on..on top, or behind us...well, I'm here to give you a sneak peek!  This is why mirrors in the bedroom were invented, to get the best view of horny sweaty bodies, doing what they do best..FUCKING!

When a man is thrusting inside his partner, it's such an intimate dance...his thrusts meet hers, his momentum will speed up and slow down as he responds to his level of excitement.  It's a give and take, a push and pull that is incredible pleasurable! 

I think we don't often concentrate enough on the sawing motion of his cock going back and forth inside us...tonight, I want you to both just close your eyes and feel the motion, feel the fullness and emptiness as he pushes in and pulls out.  Feel her lips gripping you, the depth of her pussy, the warm wetness inside compared to the coolness of the air when you pull back.  Take a few minutes and really FEEL the most intimate act of lovemaking, taking someone else inside you, and putting yourself inside someone else.  You just might find that you orgasm, just from the intensity of it...and if not, you'll have a whole new appreciation for just the thrust!

Pinned and drilled, just the way you like it


  1. The thing I enjoy about the thrust, as a man, are the moments leading up to climax. The moments that you become unaware of anything except the breathlessness and ecstacy of each movement. It's primal and powerfull. At those moments the thrust is all that matters.

  2. I love this especially when I slow down and enjoy each and every thrust to the very best that it is.