Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Take it all!

There is something so sexy about a man going balls deep as he plows into a wet pussy! Knowing that he's as deep as he can get inside her tunnel...he may even be hitting bottom! When it comes to sex, there is a point when both parties want it to go DEEP! When thrusts become harder, and her pussy stretches to accommodate the full penetration.
Now, I'm not saying to bang away on her cervix from the start...but towards the end, when both partners are into the moment and seconds away from cumming, sometimes a little bump against it proves to both of you that you've reached the limit inside of her! This is often enough to send you both over the edge!

There are times that a woman will look at a cock and think that there is just no way she can take it all.  Her pussy might be too tight or short for his width or length.  However, with time and patience most cocks can be comfortably accommodated in a wet pussy...during sex her tunnel will actually lengthen to take more of him than what was possible at the beginning of sex. Sometimes that's all he needs to get that last inch inside!

Now guys, let me be the first to say, getting in her balls deep is awesome...however, it can be painful to have our cervix bumped.  So, make sure your woman isn't cringing in pain rather than writhing in ecstasy!!  The best way to know that is to look at her face, listen to her moans, or just ask if she likes it! 

I will say there has been a few times that I haven't been able to take all of a cock, no matter how much I tried...or how hard he thrust.  My pussy was at it's maximum capacity and we both had to adjust.  The best way to do that is to let her get on top!  That way she can control the depth of penetration, this is especially helpful if she doesn't like your cock head bumping her cervix.

However, if you really want to take all of it...the best time to do it is during fuck session #2.  He won't be quite as hard as the first time, and that might allow him to get further inside.  Also, make sure to have lots and LOTS of lube...things slide better, and go deeper when the tunnel is nice and slippery!  Ladies, don't be afraid to use lube, and guys don't think because she is reaching for the lube that she isn't turned on, or wet.  Just think of the old saying "wetter is better!".  Let her ride, and don't force it in...let her slowly work herself down on it until she's taking it all...or as much as is comfortable!

Going all the way in, can be sexy and hot...however, even if there is an inch or more that just won't fit...enjoy the sensation, the feeling and know that sometimes Cock A doesn't fit perfectly in Slit B and that's okay!!

gifs/pics via www.eroticpics.tumblr.com


  1. A lot of time .. I don't fit 😈

  2. I am neither long or wide but I think and hope it is enough to satisfy.